Reasons Why Regular Pet Grooming is Important

Anyone who has spent their time around their pets knows exactly how frequent they clean themselves; dogs just lick their paws and cats spend several hours combing their fur as well as washing their whiskers to perfection. As a matter of fact, even reptiles and rodents also have their own grooming habits. 

Like human beings, your pets feel and look better when they’re clean however, pet grooming is more than just vanity. With that being said, ensuring that your pet is well-groomed regularly can basically keep them healthy and comfortable. 

Pet Grooming: Hygiene and Health 

Whether you select to have your pet cleaned and groomed by a professional and experienced pet groomer or prefer to groom them in your house, at any cost, regular grooming of your pets plays a very important role on the overall care and wellness of your pet. 

Fur – Regular brushing gets rid of the excess hair, allowing for better flow of air to the skin of your pet and also, improves overall circulation. For pets with long hairs, mats can cause major problems if not handled very nicely; severely matted fur blocks airflow and also, lead to harmful infection and skin sores. 

Skin – Bathing and brushing on a regular basis provides you or the professional pet groomer with direct access to the skin of the animal, allowing you to feel or see any external parasites, bumps, lumps or any other minor to severe problems. 

Nails – Nails which are too long and sharp can make the walking of your pet uncomfortable and also, can change their gait, resulting to health issues such as problems with their joints and knees. In addition to that, long nails are more likely to break and snag as well, leading to a messy and painful problem. 

Ears – The ears of your pet should be maintained clean in order to prevent harmful infections and any other health issues. Take a peek inside their ears as part of an at-home grooming ritual, and contact a professional and experienced pet grooming service provider once you notice that their ears are already inflamed, red or have a bad smell, which are all signs of infection. 

Teeth – Keeping the mouth of your pet in top condition is also very important as this is a part of their overall care. You should make an oral inspection and tooth brushing a habit. Contact immediately a professional if you see any issues or have some doubts and questions pertaining to oral care. 

Maintenance Mode 

Most certified veterinarians and groomers will suggest that your animal should come in for grooming at least every six to eight weeks. Their nails should be cut more regularly, depending on how much they wear those nails from the everyday exercise of your pet. 

However, in between the visits, you should brush the teeth and fur of your pet every single day, and also, inspect their ears and skin for any problems. Regular grooming keeps your pet healthy and clean. A clean and fresh smelling animal is usually the recipient of additional snuggles. For more information, visit a quality dog spa near me. 

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